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 Think about why you are having the photos taken and how they are going to be displayed and dress accordingly. Ex. If it’s for Christmas cards, you will want to wear something that relates to wintry clothing. If you are going to display your photos in your living room, you will want to coordinate your colors with your décor and setting (warm tones, bright tones, neutral colors, etc.)

Avoid clothing that has logos, characters, labels, extreme graphics. What is in style today, may not be tomorrow.

Don’t wear all black or all white clothing. Don’t dress everyone in the same color. Add subtle accessories, layers and textures to your outfits as they tend to add depth to the photo. Added depth is important if you are a fan of black and white photos. Don’t let the accessories over take the subject or the photo.

Don’t get a drastic hair cut or color the day before your photo. If you are planning a trip to the salon, give yourself at least a week prior to your sessions to let your hair regain its natural flow.

Think about your location and be sure that your clothing compliments the scenery around you.

Family /Children:  For little ones, be sure that their clothing is loose fitting so they have freedom of movement and are comfortable. Little girls love to dance and twirl, so a flowing dress makes for some great pictures. You don’t want the youngsters pulling and tugging on their clothing during the session and you want to keep your kiddos happy during the day of the session. Helpful hint: Let them help choose their clothing and dress themselves as it gives them a sense of freedom and it adds a little bit of their personality and character to the photo. This goes for adults to. Make sure that the outfit you choose makes you feel relaxed. The more comfortable you are, the more natural your photo will look.

If you are a person who likes pattern, be sure not to overdo it. Too many patterns can make a photo look busy. If you decide to wear clothing with patterns, mix in some solid colors that complement them.

If you want to incorporate props into your photos, keep them simple and meaningful.

If you wear glasses, try to purchase a pair of generic reading glasses from the local Dollar general or Wal-mart that resemble your current frames and remove the lenses. You can use these frames for your pictures and avoid the glare or destruction of your good frames.

Senior Portraits: Plan your outfits ahead of time. Keep your clothing simple. Wear clothing that accentuate your features. We will most like take some full body shots so make sure that your shoes go with your outfit. Apply your makeup normally. Bring accessories for all outfits. Go easy on the jewelry – Remember, you don’t want to draw attention away from yourself in the photo. Avoid experimental hairstyles. Guys, make sure that your beards and mustache is neatly trimmed or shaven. Make sure your hands are presentable. *Refer to the previous clothing recommendations listed earlier.

Couples: Think about specific poses you would like to do for your photos prior to your session and communicate them with your photographer. What feeling / emotion are you wanting to portray in your photos? Being prepared prior to your session will help the session move along smoothly and if you’re both comfortable with the poses, the photos will look more natural and not staged. If you have specific interests and hobbies that you love to do together, try to incorporate them into your photos. *Refer to the previous clothing recommendations listed earlier.

Newborns:  There are 2 types of newborn photography, Posed / Studio or Lifestyle .  As a client you will need to determine which style you would like or we can incorporate both in your session.  These are images that you will treasure for a lifetime.  It is helpful to feed the baby prior to the photo session.  Warm milk = A happy, restful baby.  Keep extra wipes, diapers and blankets nearby...accidents will happen, but it's important not to get embarrassed or frustrated if/when things go wrong.  Dress baby in loose comfortable clothing, preferably a  sleeper and not clothing that requires slipping off over the head.  

Pets:  We love our furry friends and they are a big part of our family so why not include them in your portraits. Pets are most comfortable when they are in a familiar environment. If your pet responds to rewards / treats, be sure to have some on hand to help them relax and obey commands more easily. If your pet doesn’t obey your commands at home, most likely they won’t listen to the photographer. You don’t want to spend your session time chasing after “Fido” causing yourself frustration and stressing your furry friend.

I ask that you arrive at your photo session at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time just in case you have any questions about your photo session.

Thank You and I look forward to capturing your special moments and turning them into treasured memories!